What do we do

Scioto County Habitat for Humanity is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to eliminating poverty housing by providing a “hands-up” partnership opportunity for low-income, working families to become self-sufficient homeowners. Far too many people struggle without an adequate home to raise a family. In many cases, children’s health and safety are a daily cause for concern. Habitat offers qualified families, with demonstrated need, willingness to partner, and the ability to pay a zero-interest loan, an opportunity to build and buy a home. As an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, we are part of a worldwide, ecumenical, grass-roots housing ministry building in 3,000 locations across 100 countries.


How does it work

Individuals, corporations, and organizations throughout the community donate money to buy building materials and support operations. After an extensive application process, Partner Families are required to invest at least 250-350 hours (depending on family size) in the Habitat process, including substantial volunteer time in the construction of their own home. Volunteers and Partner Families work together to build a safe, affordable, energy efficient home. The Partner Family then purchases the home with a no-interest, no-profit mortgage. Scioto County Habitat for Humanity has built 5 homes with hundreds of volunteers.



Stone Soup
Scioto County is the second in Ohio Appalachian counties for its poverty rate, at a staggering 25% in 2005, based on latest census figures. One need not look far to find need, the kind of need Habitat for Humanity so ably addresses. No question, a Habitat home can lift the selected family from the poverty cycle. Scioto Habitat strives to bridge the need in our community through building basic, decent homes for families.


Habitat Recipe:

Take a big pot (our community)

Add economic pressures straining basic needs (25% of a population living in poverty)

Add in a committed core of people supporting Christ’s principles (a board)

Stir in the community, moved by the board into action (churches, government, business, individuals)

Add the family willing to partner in the sharing of the work and God’s love

Give the mix a few months.

When ready dedicate, celebrate.



This is the Habitat recipe for Scioto County the public sees. The Stone Soup Recipe is a more private recipe. It is how Scioto Habitat is able to execute the mission within a community with limited funds. Scioto Habitat works much like the well know stone soup story, where the stone is put in the empty pot and others are invited to add, making something from nothing. For example, the local hospital razed a building. Habitat was invited to remove old mismatched institutional formica cabinets, but they had to be retrieved quickly. Habitat workers, with the help of strong court workers, dismounted the cabinets. A local mover provided a truck. The materials found storage in a city building scheduled for renovation. Folks shared the Habitat message and the news of the cabinets. Someone was remodeling and moving kitchen cabinets to the garage for storage. The easy wipe formica cabinets were traded for the kitchen set. Now the Habitat house in South Webster has decent, used, kitchen cabinets. Something from nothing, Scioto County’s Stone Soup. Scioto Habitat uses it again.